Decision. tutor

Decision. tutor He was always the last thing that it is very upset.

Educator told the boy that it can be learned, if you really try.

Victor asked home dad to teach him good jump.

Analyze action educator.


tutor allowed for developing self-awareness of the child and taught him the way of improving its capabilities.


Children older group played the game Sailors.

Clim tired of playing, and he wanted to leave the game.

Educator suggested Clim ask permission from the captain.

Captain, Klim turned to Sasha, his companion, performs the role of captain, let me go to the ship Sasha banned.

Klim unquestioningly obeyed and left the ship to the shore with the other only when the ship returned from a voyage.

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So orders

So orders List of dangerous drugs to the fetus is growing every day, but this information is not used by professionals zdravoohraneniya Therefore, expectant mothers, if you want to have a healthy baby, during pregnancy and lactation follow three strict prohibition: wine, drugs and tobacco.

So orders nature.

Strengthen your immune system Only thirty forty years ago it was believed that miscarriage occurs in one of the thousands of women.

And in the late 80s in some areas of the Soviet Union, every sixth woman can not normally carry and give birth of a child.

Why every year an increasing number of pregnant women, the lodge to save? First, of course, we are all becoming more unhealthy environmental conditions, but this fact for a long time everywhere carefully concealed under the guise of secrecy all adverse indicators.

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To understand

To understand (After all, her fingers, while there was a showing of-telling, it does not hurt) If you want to explain a little child explain clearly.

Talk about unpleasant (dangerous) kids / baby must feel it in their own skins.

To understand that the iron or the battery harnesses, and therefore can not touch it, the child must feel it.

Touch to cool (but not burn) iron, a very warm (but not red hot) battery.

And when he / she does (not disobeying your bans), again say, You can not, ah-ah-ah .

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And even

And even - I started to choreography? Do not go under the gun-Declared one.

- Yes, I have no interest Nope, Defiantly said another.

- A work, learn where to go? - I did not think about it yet.

We'll see.

And his restlessness suffered the same as himself, his friends.

Carriers do not want were high school students, and it is particularly worried.

Younger also exploded all offered to choose the department of interest.

And even if it was the element of short-term aspirations, but they were, there was a desire to grow.

Tormented by the question: what to do with high school students to give up and do only younger? I peered into the lives of younger and older students, compared.

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The father's role

The father's role there's usually a cold hospital-ronments, around strangers.

Mother in a passive role patient who needs help, when in fact she is healthy and preparing for the accomplishment of the Miracle birth of a new life.

The father's role is reduced to zero.

Use of stimulants, anesthetics and other drugs makes childbearing purely medical case and extinguishes the maternal instinct.

An increasing number of iatrogenic diseases, ie diseases caused by medical intervention.

Best conditions for childbirth seems natural.

Do not go to the hospital to maintain, if possible, to give birth at home, with family and friends, in an atmosphere of joyful expectation, under the supervision of a good, experienced midwives, and leading a woman during pregnancy (as in the Netherlands).

Person's birth an event not only for the mother and father, and the people must develop a ritual entrance into life.

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